Though we have not brought any of our content back online as of yet we did want to let everyone know it is our intent to bring the site back, though probably not in its original format because we are still working out want we want this site to be.  There are a number of good sites anymore for Saddlebred news and to be fair we won’t say what our favorite is and the Association provides a significant amount of information both for members and non-members so we are looking to add to what is out there to improve people’s access to information about our breed.

As a Kentuckian I also feel a deep place in my heart for what this breed represents of our Commonwealth, this breed was developed out of a desire for a horse that could get the job done during the week and then make a statement at the drop of a hat at the impromptu horse shows of the day.  The breed is no longer just Kentucky’s having found many places around the country and the world that appreciate their beauty and quality.

Our ultimate goal is to always find ways to improve the breed and the care of our wonderful horses while enjoying the community that exists among those of us that love this breed.



Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond